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पश्येम शरदः शतं। जीवेम शरदः शतं।।
श्रुणुयाम शरदः शतं। प्रब्रवाम शरदः शतं।।
अदीनाः स्याम शरदः शतं। भूयश्च शरदः शतात् ॥

Let us look for a hundred years,
our eyesight remains intense;
May our life go on for a hundred years;
May we listen for a hundred years,
our listening organs be healthy;
May we be able to speak for a hundred years,
our speaking organs can make clear words;
May we remain humbled for a hundred years,
Do not have to depend on others,
All the organs of decisions and executions will not be relaxed;
And after all this,
even after a hundred years, we can not only live a hundred years but live a life without disease.


National Researcher Of Ayurveda

Founder And CMD

Dr. Sharma's Research Lab.

Inventor Dr.A.K.Sharma

  • Inventor Dr. A.K.Sharma is an Inventor, Researcher, Innovator and maker of pure Ayurvedic Medicins in India.
  • Internationally known for his propounded theory on Diabetes : "The Indian theory for the radical cure of Diabetes".
  • International propagator of Raktmadhu (3SAinertia) : "In the present time, Specially in India a disease whose indications are most similar to Diabetes is spreading like an Epidemic, is not Diabetes mellitus as described in the books of modern medical science as well as in ancient Ayurvedic shanhitas. It is Raktmadhu(in Hindi) Or 3SAinertia (in English) And the method of treatment as adopted today should must be changed completely to cure a patient".

His immense contribution in the research field of Ayurveda.


is a

His main inventions :-

  • Aayujal : Herbal Powder for making water Alkaline.
  • Heaven Drop : Herbal Contraceptive Gel for Man.
  • Draksha-RMA Liquid : Herbal Insulin for Blood Sugar Control within 90 minutes

Great Inventor of Ayurvedic Medicines

Inventor DR.A.K.SHARMA has been Felicitated as

" National Researcher of Ayurveda "

by Govt. of India AYUSH Ministry

He researched and manufactured the following excellent efficacious medicines :

  • Diebat-RAM5 : A pure Ayurvedic Medicinal Pack for the complete treatment of Diabetes ( Raktmadhu).
  • Dumash – CH Liniment & Capsules : For Quick Joint Pain relieving Liniment, Efficacy within 5 minutes.
  • Leucorrend Capsule : For the complete treatment of Leucorrhoea.
  • Relite Capsule : Immediate Energy Booster.
  • Sahastra Amritam Aushadh : Immune System Booster Powder for Cancer Patients after Chemo & Radiation Therapy.
  • Amrit Sneh : Medicine for relieving the unbearable pain of Cancer Patients without Opium.

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